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Gisele Marchi and Lucas Marqués, artists and singer-songwriters of Argentine origin, arrive in Europe this year in 2024, to present their 3rd album HUMANOS CÓSMICOS.

Duo Artemisa, is the name of their band and the artistic company they have created.

For the last 10 years they have traveled the world, sharing their concerts, shows and workshops in every town and city they visit. They have visited more than 30 countries, inspiring their songs in travel and nature, in the purest places they have known, together with the original communities of the world.

Crossed by the magic and abundance of nomadic life, they sing messages for the awakening of human consciousness, where we all understand ourselves to be part of a single body, a single world. Our home, Pachamama, as it is called in Latin America.

It is inevitable to perceive his free spirit in his concerts, where joy and dance rhythms predominate, to celebrate life as it deserves! The airs of cumbia, reggae, candombe and salsa spread among the public, performed with a very personal originality.

Gisele surprises us by singing while she plays the percussion, and Lucas sings playing the guitar and harmonica with strength and joy!

Both self-taught multi-instrumentalists, they fuse their voices with charming harmonies.

A unique duo, which deserves to be seen live.

Gisele Marchi




Argentina Buenos Aires

visited countries

Chile,Brasil, Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, México, USA, Islandia, Paises Bajos, Alemania, España, Portugal, Belgica, Luxemburgo, Suiza, India, Indonesia, Grecia, Italia.


singing, theater, trips, massages, artistic activity


Who is Giselle?

Gisele Eugenia Marchi is a multifaceted artist with a strong vocation for humanitarian service.

Her entire life has been dedicated to exploring the arts from dance, theater, and music, with a focus on consciousness and re-encounter with being. The why and why we make art, and the message we transmit to society with our creations.

That is why her dedication to the practice of yoga and meditation, since she considers that life is an art in itself.

Travel and Social Work

Gisele's first trip was at age 20, backpacking through Ecuador, sowing a seed that continues to germinate even today.

At the age of 24, she connected with the native communities of Peru, which changed her life with their worldview and ancestral wisdom.

Upon meeting Lucas in 2015, they created Dúo Artemisa and began a journey by land from Argentina to the United States that lasted 3 and a half years, where they further developed their humanitarian activities and social service, as well as the expansion of their artistic career. as a musician and actress.

The journey together continued for 10 years, also visiting Asia and Europe.

Thanks to the good reception of her art in Europe, every year they go on musical tours to different countries on the continent.


Then she studied, for more than 10 years, in different cultural spaces in Argentina, such as... 

The Ombú Cultural Center

The Martinelli Theater

Teacher of Conscious Singing in Movement.

Pampa Studios with the company Cris Morena Group

The Odyssey Theater School

The San Martin Theater

Sebastian Kirszner theatrical assembly workshop

Danza Folclorica argentina

Alternative Studies

Viva Children's Pedagogy, Piracanga Community

Reiki 1 y 2


Yoga for pregnant women and children

Yoga Integral

Relaxing massage and reflexology

Ayurvedic and Raw Vegan Food

Artistic skills

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clase de baile




comida sana

Conscious eating


Singing teacher

Professeur de yoga avec étudiant

Yoga Pregnant Woman

Les femmes pratiquant le yoga

Integral Yoga


Lucas Marques Burgos




Argentina Buenos Aires

visited countries

Chile,Brasil, Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, México, USA, Islandia, Paises Bajos, Alemania, España, Portugal, Belgica, Luxemburgo, Suiza, India, Indonesia, Grecia, Italia, Marruecos.


singing, theater, trips, massages, artistic activity, sports, trekking, music.

Who is Lucas?

Lucas Marqués Burgos is a very curious artist who awakened his awareness of the planet, the environment and spirituality at a very early age.

He began to travel the world with his vision and mission of solidarity since he was 19 years old. Also developing on the trip, his being an artist, actor, circus and musician.

Creative, composer, adventurous and daring, Lucas has written more than 150 songs, as well as children's stories, plays, and a book of poetry.

He has spent a lifetime delving into his inner, spiritual and psychological world, as a philosophy of the art of living.

Travel and Social Work

Lucas has done many overland bike trips around the world. What allowed him to advance slowly, being able to know different indigenous cultures of Latin America, and soak up his wisdom.

In addition to always carrying his art and musicality with him, sharing culture at all times.

In 2015 he meets Gisele and they create Duo Artemisa, where they enhance their gifts, social work, art, travel and adventure around the world.


Artistic and holistic training.

South Catalina Theater, Bs.As

Reiki 1 y 2

Thai Reflexology Masseur

Clown with Chame Good Day. Caracas, Venezuela


Payamedico, Asociacion de payamedicina Argentina

Socio-Therapeutic Operator in Drug Addictions

Hatha Yoga and Integral Yoga Instructor

Therapeutic companion

Artistic Skills

Tocar una guitarra


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Clown in hospitals



Reiki traitement





Yoga Integral y
Hatha Yoga



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