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Yoga is union of body, mind and soul, with consciousness. According to Patanjali, it is not a practice but a state in which the mental and emotional activity has calmed down and that union with the supreme can be experienced.


Yoga Integral

Movement is health for our body, and we discover that this is our sacred space. 

We connect to yoga through physical postures and breathing exercises.

Regular practice is a great way to relieve accumulated stress, both physically and mentally.

The practice improves sleep, concentration, teaches us to breathe well. It improves blood circulation, in addition to other benefits.

Duration: 1 hour

Modality: online and face-to-face

Yoga for
Pregnant Women

We prepare ourselves physically and emotionally for this transcendent moment in our lives. We do it by working with simple postures and breathing (asana-pranayama). Strengthening the back, making the pelvic area more flexible and guiding the mind to connect with the confidence and internal strength that we will need during childbirth. So that, when the time comes, we can resort to different techniques already learned and incorporated, which begin to flow intuitively.

Yoga enceinte

Yoga for Kids

Starting small with practice has great benefits. How to learn to breathe and connect with the breath. This improves the relationship with your emotions and listening to your own limits. Strengthen muscles, gain greater flexibility and balance, and improve concentration.

Kids also become aware of their own body, learning to recognize each of its parts.

Age : From 3 years.

Duration: 1 hour.


  • In what language are the workshops?
    - Spanish - French - English
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