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It is very important to take the time to get massages, as they provide great health benefits.

Massages reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reduction of pain and inflammation and tension of the muscles. Improved circulation, energy and alertness.


Relaxing massage

A deep massage to release tension and improve our stress levels. It helps to release our emotions, improve muscle tone and meet the present in a more harmonious and relaxed way.

Duration: between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half

Massage Workshop

We carry out an introductory workshop to energetic reflexology massage. Where we work tools and techniques of Thai reflexology. Our feet are connected to all areas and organs of our body through more than 7,200 nerve endings.

Reflexology is based on the fact that the entire body is schematically represented in the foot.

In each massage we have the opportunity to be at the service and need of the other. Connecting with our inner silence is the key to healing each other through relaxation.

Reflexology is relaxing, relieves stress and activates and improves blood circulation. It is used to treat and prevent disorders, diseases and situations caused by stress and daily tension.

The objective of the workshop is to experience deep relaxation and absorb practical knowledge to apply as a family. 

Duration: 2 hours

Modality: face-to-face and online

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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage offers us various postures that bring us intimately closer to our partner. By maintaining awareness of breathing, contact and caresses, it becomes a sacred ritual... a moment to experience and feel the joy of the presence of the other here and now. 

an opportunity to heal each other and raise our sexual energy, fusing it with the pure love that lives in us. we will also work on rhythmic breathing to tune our bodies-temples.

the union of two beings is a beautiful and magical manifestation. It teaches us to value each other, listen to each other and grow together.

Duration: 2 hours

Modality: face-to-face and online

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