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Many companies around the world are including recreational and even relaxing activities to improve performance, the quality of labor relations and the stress level of their workers. Here we share the services we offer.

S'amuser au yoga


We connect to yoga through physical postures and breathing exercises.

Regular practice is a great way to relieve accumulated stress, both physically and mentally.

The practice improves sleep, concentration, teaches us to breathe well.

Within the framework of practice within a work environment, the benefits received are: increased performance and efficiency, improved decision-making, stimulates creativity, increases productivity and decreases absenteeism.


Duration: 1 hour

Meditative Concert

The meditative concert is a space created for the contemplation of music and sound, like a vibration that our friends have harmonized.
Meditative frequencies and indigenous instruments are the basis of this sound journey. With simple meditation tools, we invite you to immerse yourself in a single journey.


In the workplace, the benefits of meditation are:

  improve communication
Better impulse control
Improves memory and concentration,
Creativity is activated
Reduces anxiety and depression.
Increases self-esteem and positive self-image.
Improves personal effectiveness.

Duration: 1 hour

Groupe de méditation


We share different meditation and breathing techniques.

When an employee or collaborator meditates in the workplace, they can be much more focused on their work, they will be more comfortable with themselves, achieving better management of emotions and ultimately, they will be able to have better interpersonal relationships.

Duration: Between 30´ and 1 hour.

Teamwork Dynamics

We share different games and cooperative and gestalt activities to work as a team. The benefits of including these types of services in the workplace are:

- Team building exercises motivate employees.
- They improve communication and help people work together on business projects.
- They reduce stress, have fun and entertain.
- They can serve for learning, in a playful environment, of valuable skills.

Duration: 1 hour

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